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2001 El Khayati, N.; Cherkaoui El Moursli, R.; Rodriguez-Carvajal, J.; Andre, G.; Blanchard, N.; Bouree, F.; Collin, G.; Roisnel, T.; Crystal and magnetic structures of the oxyphosphates M Fe P O5 (M = Fe, Co, Ni, Cu). Analysis of the magnetic ground state in terms ofsuperexchange interactions Cu Fe (P O4) O PNMA
1994 Schweiss, P.; Reichardt, W.; Braden, M.; Collin, G.; Heger, A.; Claus, H.; Erb, A.; Static and dynamic displacements in R Ba2 Cu3 O7-delta (R=Y, Ho; delta=0.05, 0.5) Y Ba2 Cu3 O6.52 PMMM
1990 Galez, P.; Collin, G.; Copper-deficiency in Ln2-x Cex Cu O4 (Ln=Nd,Gd) crystals and oxygen disorder in Gd2 Cu O4 crystals Gd2 Cu0.944 O4 I4/MMM
1988 Boilot, J.P.; Collin, G.; Colomban, P.; Relation Structure-Fast Ion Conduction in the NASICON Solid Structure Na3.1 Zr2 (Si2.05 P.95 O12) R3-CH Nasicon high
1987 Collin, G.; Gardette, M.F.; Comes, R.; The Fe1-x Cox S system (X<0.25); transition and the high temperature phase Fe.8 Co.2 S P63MC
1986 Boilot, J.P.; Lee, M.-R.; Colomban, P.; Collin, G.; Comes, R.; Fast divalent ion conduction-ion ordering in beta and beta'' alumina (Sr2+, Cd2+, Pb2+) (Al10.33 Mg0.67 O16) (Pb0.82 O) R3-MH
1983 Keller-Besrest, F.; Collin, G.; Structure and planar faults in the defective Ni As-type compound 3c Fe7 S8 Fe7 S8 P3121 Pyrrhotite 3T
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