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2001 Barthelet, K.; Marrot, J.; Riou, D.; Ferey, G.; (H2 O) (V(III)2 F6) and Pyr-(V F3): hydrothermal synthesis, structure determination and magnetic characterization of new fluorides with the pyrochlore type (H2 O) (V2 F6) FD3-MZ
1990 Laligant, Y.; LeBail, A.; le Blanc, M.; Ferey, G.; A new structure type in mixed valence fluorinated compounds: K5Cr4(2+)Cr6(3+)F31 K5 Cr4 Cr6 F31 C12/M1
1989 Laligant, Y.; Calage, Y.; Heger, G.; Pannetier, J.; Ferey, G.; Ordered Magnetic Frustration VII. Na2 Ni Fe F7: Reexamination of Its Crystal Structure in the True Space Group after Corrections from Renninger Effect and Refinement of Its Frustrated Magnetic Structure at 4.2 and 55 K Na2 Ni Fe F7 IMMA
1989 Lacorre, P.; Pannetier, J.; Averdunk, F.; Hoppe, R.; Ferey, G.; Crystal and Magnetic Structures of Li Co F4: The First Compound with a Dirutile Structure Li Co F4 P121/C1
1987 Laligant, Y.; Pannetier, J.; le Blanc, M.; Labbe, P.H.; Heger, G.; Ferey, G.; Crystal structure refinement of the inverse weberite Mn Fe F5 (H2 O)2 Mn Fe F5 (H2 O)2 IMMA
1986 Renaudin, J.; Pannetier, J.; de Kozak, A.; Samouel, M.; Ferey, G.; Complex copper(II) fluorides IV. Crystal structure of Ba6 Cu11 F34: First evidence of trinuclear edge-sharing units and defective NaCl-type blocks in crystal chemistry of fluorides Ba6 Cu11 F34 P1-
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