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2002 Zubkova, N.V.; Pushcharovskii, D.Yu.; Giester, G.; Tillmanns, E.; Pekov, I.V.; Kleimenov, D.A.; The crystal structure of arsentsumebite, Pb2 Cu ((As,S) O4)2 (O H) Pb2 Cu (As O4) (S O4) (O H) P121/M1 Arsentsumebite
1998 Zak, Z.; Perutka, J.; Havel, J.; Cisarova, I.; Giester, G.; Synthesis and crystal structures of two new cobalt 42-oxododecatungstates, (Co4 Na (H2 O)21) (H (H2 W12 O42)) . 18(H2 O) and (Co5 (H2 O)22) (H2 W12 O42) . 12(H2 O) (Co5 (H2 O)22) (H2 W12 O42) (H2 O)12 C12/C1
1996 Giester, G.; Crystal structure of Fe2 O (Se O3)2, a new oxoselenite compound with ferric iron in distorted tetrahedral coordination Fe2 O (Se O3)2 PCCN
1991 Wildner, M.; Giester, G.; Fe(II)Fe(III)2(SO4)4 * 2H2O: a new Fe(II)-Fe(III) sulfate, synthesis and crystal structure Fe Fe2 (S O4)4 (H2 O)2 P121/N1
1988 Wildner, M.; Giester, G.; Crystal structure refinements of synthetic chalcocyanite (Cu S O4) and zincosite (Zn S O4) Zn (S O4) PNMA Zinkosite
1987 Giester, G.; Zemann, J.; The crystal structure of the natrochalcite-type compounds (Me+) Cu2 (O H) (Z O4)2 H2 O (Me+= Na, K, Rb; Z= S, Se), with special reference to the hydrogen bonds Na Cu2 (O H) (Se O4)2 (H2 O) C12/M1
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