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1994 Zelenay, I.; Nafidi, A.; Greaves, C.; Suryanarayanan, R.; Seebeck effect and neutron diffraction of Nd Sr Ba Cu3 O6+z. Effect of argon annealing Nd Sr Ba Cu3 O6.85 P4/MMM
1994 Wright, A.J.; Greaves, C.; Synthesis and structural characterisation of YBCO related phases containing cobalt (Y1.5 Ce0.5) Sr2 Co Cu2 O9 CMCM
1994 Slater, P.R.; Greaves, C.; Neutron diffraction structural study of the Nasicon-related phases Lix M(II)x M(III)2-x (S O4)3-y (Se O4)y (M(II)= Mg, Ni, Zn; M(III)= Al, Cr) Li0.4 (Ni0.4 Cr1.6) (S O4)3 R3-H
1993 Babu, T.G.N.; Greaves, C.; Critical hole density for superconductivity in Sr-containing phases related to YBa2Cu3O7. Structure, superconductivity and cation substitution in YSr2Cu2.8Cr0.2O7 (Y0.8 Ca0.2) (Sr1.5 Ba0.5) Cu2 (Cu0.8 Cr0.2) O6.84 P4/MMM
1992 Berry, F.J.; Greaves, C.; Marco, J.F.; The structural characterization of Sn0.5NbTiP3O12 and Fe0.33NbTiP3O12 Fe0.372 (Nb Ti) (P O4)3 R3-CH
1991 Greaves, C.; Slater, P.R.; Synthesis and structure of the tetragonal "Ba3 Y Cu2 Ox" phase. A perovskite containing carbonate ions Ba4 Y Cu2.27 O7.08 (C O3)0.53 P4/MMM
1990 Lobo, R.C.; Berry, F.J.; Greaves, C.; The synthesis and structural characterization of Sr2CuO4-x, x approx. 0.1 Sr1.81 Cu0.905 O3.4 I4/MMM
1988 Blower, S.K.; Greaves, C.; Bismuth additions to Y Ba2 Cu3 O7: Structural and electrical characterization Ba2 Bi Y O6 FM3-M
1986 Greaves, C.; Malsbury, A.M.; Thomas, M.A.; Structure of the mixed conductor Ni2O3H by powder neutron diffraction Ni1.94 O3 H.81 PNMN
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