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2004 Hlukhyy, V.; Hoffmann, R.-D.; Poettgen, R.; The solid solution Mgx In3-x Ir - formation of the Fe Ga3 type up to x= 0.73 and the cementite structure with x= 0.92 Mg0.58 Ir In2.42 P42/MNM
2004 Hlukhyy, V.; Hoffmann, R.-D.; Poettgen, R.; Synthesis and crystal structures of the pseudobinary intermetallics Ir In2-x Mgx with orthorhombic Mg2 Cu structure and Ir Mg3-x Inx with hexagonal Cu3 P Type Ir (In0.97 Mg2.03) P63CM
2002 Zaremba, V.; Rodewald, U.; Kalychak, Ya.M.; Galadzhun, Ya.V.; Kaczorowski, D.; Hoffmann, R.-D.; Poettgen, R.; Ternary Indides RE4Pd10In21 (RE = La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm) - Synthesis, Structure, and Physical Properties Nd4 Pd10 In21 C12/M1
2001 Mishra, R.; Poettgen, R.; Hoffmann, R.-D.; Kaczorowski, D.; Piotrowski, H.; Mayer, P.; Rosenhahn, C.; Mosel, B.D.; Ternary Rare Earth (RE) Gold Compounds REAuCd and RE2Au2Cd Eu Au Cd PNMA
1993 Korthuis, V.C.; Hoffmann, R.-D.; Huang, J.-F.; Sleight, A.W.; Synthesis and crystal structure of potassium and sodium vanadium phosphates K2 (V P O6) P121/N1
1992 Kodialam, S.; Korthuis, V.C.; Hoffmann, R.-D.; Sleight, A.W.; Electrodeposition of potassium bimuthate: K Bi O3 K Bi O3 (H2 O)0.167 IM3-
1989 Hoffmann, R.-D.; Jeitschko, W.; Boonk, L.; Structural, chemical, and physical properties of rareearth metal rhodium carbides LnRhC2(Ln=La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm) Sm Rh C2 AMM2
1989 Jeitschko, W.; Gerss, M.H.; Hoffmann, R.-D.; Lee, S.; Carbon pairs as structural elements of ternary carbides of the f elements with the late transition metals La2 Ni5 C3 P4/MBM
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