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1999 Huefken, T.; Witte, A.M.; Jeitschko, W.; Quaternary silicide carbides A T2 Si C (A = rare earth elements andactinoids, T = Mn, Re, Ru, Os) with Dy Fe2 Si C-type structure Th Os2 (Os0.04 Si0.96) C CMCM
1998 Nientiedt, A.T.; Jeitschko, W.; Equiatomic quaternary rare earth element zinc pnictide oxides R Zn P O and R Zn As O Nd Zn As O P4/NMMZ
1998 Wessels, A.L.; Czekalla, R.; Jeitschko, W.; Structure of the mercury(II) chromate(III) Hg Cr2 O4 and lattice constants of the isotypic mercury(I) compounds Hg2 Mo O4 and Hg2 W O4 Hg (Cr2 O4) FD3-MZ
1998 Gesing, T.M.; Jeitschko, W.; The crystal structures of Zr3 Al3 C5, Sc Al3 Cr, and U Al3 Cr and their relations to the structures of U2 Al3 C4 and Al4 C3 Zr3 Al3 C5 P63MC
1997 Reehuis, M.; Ouladdiaf, B.; Jeitschko, W.; Vomhof, T.; Zimmer, B.I.; Ressouche, E.; Magnetization and neutron diffraction studies of the magnetic order in the compounds Pr2 Co12 P7, Nd2 Co12 P7, Ho2 Co12 P7 and Lu2 Co12 P7 Ho2 Co12 P7 P6-
1997 Wessels, A.L.; Jeitschko, W.; Preparation and crystal structure of the mercury(I) molybdate(VI) Hg2 Mo5 O16 Hg2 (Mo5 O16) P12/C1
1996 Konrad, T.; Jeitschko, W.; Danebrock, M.E.; Evers, C.B.H.; Preparation, properties and crystal structures of the thorium chromium borides Th Cr B4 and Th Cr2 B6; structure refinements of Ce Cr2 B6, Th B4 and Th B6 Th Cr2 B6 IMMM
1996 Wollesen, P.; Jeitschko, W.; Brylak, M.; Dietrich, L.H.; Ternary antimonides Ln M1-x Sb2 with Ln = La - Nd, Sm, Gd, Tb and M= Mn, Co, Au, Zn, Cd Ce Mn0.741 Sb2 P4/NMMZ
1996 Paschke, D.; Wallinda, J.; Jeitschko, W.; The missing stacking variant 4-Mn P4, realized for the solid solution Cr1-x Mnx P4 (x = 0.3 - 0.7) (Cr0.775 Mn0.225) P4 P1-
1996 Paschke, D.; Wallinda, J.; Jeitschko, W.; The missing stacking variant 4-Mn P4, realized for the solid solution Cr1-x Mnx P4 (x = 0.3-0.7) Cr0.78 Mn0.22 P4 P1-
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