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2000 Choi, E.Y.; Kim, Y.; Seff, K.; Structure of a cyclopropane sorption complex of dehydrated fully Cd(2+)-exchanged zeolite A Cd6 Al12 Si12 O48 (C3 H6)4 PM3-M Zeolite A
1998 Kim, Y.; Yeom, Y.H.; Eun, Y.C.; Kim, A.N.; Han, Y.W.; Crystal structure of a benzene sorption complex of dehydrated fully Cd(2+)-exchanged zeolite X Cd46 Si100 Al92 O384 (C6 H6)43 FD3-Z Zeolite X,
1997 Kim, Y.; Han, Y.W.; Seff, K.; Crystal structure of fully dehydrated fully Tl(+)-exchanged zeolite X Tl92 Al92 Si100 O384 FD3-Z Zeolite X
1996 Jang, S.B.; Park, S.Y.; Song, S.H.; Jeong, M.S.; Kim, Y.; Two crystal structures of the vacuum-dehydrated fully Ag(+)-exchanged zeolite X Ag92 (Al92 Si100 O384) FD3-Z Zeolite X
1995 Jang, S.B.; Song, S.H.; Kim, Y.; Crystal structures of bromine sorption complexes of Ca(2+)-exchanged zeolite A (Ca4 Na4 (Al12 Si12 O48)) Br12 PM3-M Zeolite A
1993 Kim, Y.; Jeong, M.S.; Seff, K.; Crystallographic studies of dehydrated Ag+ and K+ exchanged zeolite A reacted with alkali metal vapor Ag4.5 Cs13 (Al17.5 Si6.5 O48) PM3-M Zeolite A
1993 Jang, S.B.; Park, J.Y.; Kim, Y.O.; Kim, Y.; Crystal structures of dehydrated Ag(+) and Ca(2+) exchanged zeolite A, Ag3.3 Ca4.35 - A and of its ethylene sorption complex Ag3.3 Ca4.35 (Si12 Al12 O48) PM3-M Zeolite A
1991 Song, S.H.; Kim, Y.; Seff, K.; Formation of hexasilver at the center of the large cavity. Three crystal structures of dehydrated Ag+- and Ca2+ -exchanged zeolite A, Ag(12-2x) Ca(x)-A (x=2,3 and 4) treated with rubidium vapor Rb11.66 Ag6.95 (Al12 Si12 O48) PM3-M Zeolite A
1990 Song, Y.S.; Kim, U.S.; Kim, Y.; Kim, D.-S.; Three crystal structures of dehydrated Cd2+ and Rb+ exchanged zeolite A, Cd(x) Rb(12-2x)-A, x=4.0, 5.0 and 5.95 Cd4 Rb4 (Al12 Si12 O48) PM3-M Zeolite A
1987 Kim, Y.; Seff, K.; Crystal structure of fully dehydrated, partially Ag+ exchanged zeolite 4A, Ag7.6 Na4.4 -A. Ag+ ions prefer 6-ring sites. One Ag+ ion is reduced. Ag7.6 Na4.4 (Si Al O4)12 PM3-M Zeolite 4A
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