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2003 Suard, E.; Fauth, F.; Martin, C.; Maignan, A.; Millange, F.; Keller, L.; Role of the A-site cations on the magnetic structures and transport properties in the Nd0.7 Ba0.3-y Sry Mn O3 (0 <= y <= 0.2) perovskite (Nd0.7 Ba0.25 Sr0.05) (Mn O3) PNMA
1996 Pelloquin, D.; Maignan, A.; Guesdon, A.; Hardy, V.; Raveau, B.; Single crystal study of the "1201" superconductor Hg0.8 Bi0.2 Ba2 Cu O4+d (Hg0.78 Bi0.22) Ba2 Cu O4.28 P4/MMM
1995 Caignaert, V.; Suard, E.; Maignan, A.; Simon, C.; Raveau, B.; Variation of the Jahn Teller distortion of Mn at the ferromagnetic transition in the CMR perovskite Pr0.7 Ca0.2 Sr0.1 Mn O3 (Pr0.7 Ca0.2 Sr0.1) Mn O3 PBNM
1993 Martin, C.; Maignan, A.; Huve, M.; Michel, C.; Hervieu, M.; Raveau, B.; The influence of alkaline-earth ions on the properties of the "2201" superconductive cuprates: the solid solution Tl2Ba2-xSrxCuO6+d Tl2 (Ba Sr) Cu O6 I4/MMM
1991 Michel, C.; Suard, E.; Caignaert, V.; Martin, C.; Maignan, A.; Hervieu, M.; Raveau, B.; Neutron diffraction structure determination of the "1212"-series TlBa2Ca1-xNdxCu2O7-d Tl0.95 Ba2 (Ca0.5 Nd0.5) Cu2 O6.86 P4/MMM
1991 Suard, E.; Caignaert, V.; Maignan, A.; Raveau, B.; The important role of pyramidal copper layers of the 123-structure in superconductivity. The oxides Ba2Y1-xCaxCu3-xFexO7 and Ba2Y1-xCaxCu3-xFexO6 (Y0.76 Ca0.24) Ba2 Cu (Cu0.88 Fe0.12)2 O7.07 PMMM
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