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1994 Michel, C.; Pelloquin, D.; Hervieu, M.; Raveau, B.; Neutron diffraction study of the nonmodulated 2212-type cuprate Bi1.5Ba2.5LaCu2O8.25 Bi1.5 Ba2.5 La Cu2 O8.24 I4/MMM
1993 Martin, C.; Maignan, A.; Huve, M.; Michel, C.; Hervieu, M.; Raveau, B.; The influence of alkaline-earth ions on the properties of the "2201" superconductive cuprates: the solid solution Tl2Ba2-xSrxCuO6+d Tl2 (Ba Sr) Cu O6 I4/MMM
1993 Hervieu, M.; Michel, C.; Caldes, M.T.; Pham, A.Q.; Raveau, B.; The Cuprate Bi6Ba4Cu2O15: A Double Collapsed 2201-Type Structure Bi9 Ba11 Cu4 O29 A12/M1
1992 Rouillon, T.; Caignaert, V.; Michel, C.; Hervieu, M.; Groult, D.; Raveau, B.; Neutron diffraction and EM structure determination of the oxide Pb Ba0.8 Sr1.2 Pr Ce Cu3 O9, a perfectly ordered intergrowth of rock salt, oxygen-deficient perovskite, and fluorite-type structures Pb0.93 (Ba0.77 Sr1.23) (Pr Ce) Cu3 O9 P4MM
1991 Michel, C.; Suard, E.; Caignaert, V.; Martin, C.; Maignan, A.; Hervieu, M.; Raveau, B.; Neutron diffraction structure determination of the "1212"-series TlBa2Ca1-xNdxCu2O7-d Tl0.95 Ba2 (Ca0.5 Nd0.5) Cu2 O6.86 P4/MMM
1990 Rouillon, T.; Groult, D.; Hervieu, M.; Michel, C.; Raveau, B.; Pb2Sr2LnCeCu3O10+delta, a new member of the layeredcuprates family, built up from double fluorite-type layers Pb2 Sr2 (Nd Ce) Cu3 O10.2 FMMM
1989 Rouillon, T.; Retoux, R.; Groult, D.; Michel, C.; Hervieu, M.; Provost, J.; Raveau, B.; Pb Ba Y Sr Cu3 O8: A New Member of the Intergrowth Family (A Cu O3-x)m (A' O)n Pb0.92 Ba0.92 Y1.15 Sr1.15 Cu3 O8 I4/MMM
1985 Michel, C.; Er-Rakho, L.; Raveau, B.; The oxygen defect perovskite Ba La4 Cu5 O13.4, a metallic conductor Ba La4 Cu5 O13.4 P4/M
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