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2002 Miyazaki, Y.; Onoda, M.; Oku, T.; Kikuchi, M.; Ishii, Y.; Ono, Y.; Morii, Y.; Kajitani, T.; Modulated structure of the thermoelectric compound (Ca2 Co O3)0.62 Co O2 Co O2 C1M1
2000 Oikawa, K.; Kamiyama, T.; Hashimoto, T.; Shimojyo, Y.; Morii, Y.; Structural phase transition of orthorhombic La Cr O3 studied by neutron powder diffraction La (Cr O3) R3-CH
1998 Tezuka, K.; Hinatsu, Y.; Nakamura, A.; Inami, T.; Shimojo, Y.; Morii, Y.; Magnetic and neutron diffraction study on perovskites La(1-x) Sr(x)Cr O3 (La0.95 Sr0.05) (Cr O3) PNMA
1995 Shimora, T.; Inaguma, A.; Nakamura, T.; Itoh, M.; Morii, Y.; Structure and magnetic properties of Sr2-x Ax Ir O4 (A=Ca and Ba) (Sr1.9 Ba0.1) Ir O4 I41/ACDZ
1995 Kajitani, T.; Morii, Y.; Iriyama, T.; Kato, H.; Neutron diffraction study on Y2 Fe17 and Y2 Fe17 Nx (x=2.1-2.6) Y2 Fe17 N2.4 R3-MH
1993 Sun, H.; Morii, Y.; Fujii, H.; Akayama, M.; Funahashi, S.; Neutron-powder-diffraction study of YFe12-x and YFe12-xMoxN1.0 (x=1 and 3) Y Fe11 Mo N I4/MMM
1993 Kanke, Y.; Izumi, F.; Morii, Y.; Funahashi, S.; Kato, K.; Crystal structure of the magnetoplumbite-type oxide NaFe3V9O19 Na (Fe3 V9) O19 P63/MMC
1993 Miyazaki, Y.; Yamane, H.; Kajitani, T.; Morii, Y.; Funahashi, S.; Hiraga, K.; Hirai, T.; Preparation, electric conductivity and crystal structure of (Sr2-xBax)CuO2+y(CO3)z (Sr0.25 Ba1.75) Cu O2.15 (C O3)0.88 P4/MBM
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