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2003 Esmaeilzadeh, S.; Schnick, W.; Synthesis and structural investigations of La13 Si18 Al12 O15 N39 La13 (Si18 Al12 O15 N39) I4-3M
2001 Juergens, B.; Irran, E.; Schnick, W.; Syntheses, vibrational spectroscopy, and crystal structure determination from X-ray powder diffraction data of alkaline earth dicyanamides M (N (C N)2)2 with M = Mg, Ca, Sr, and Ba Ba (N (C N)2)2 PNMA
2000 Juergens, B.; Irran, E.; Schneider, J.; Schnick, W.; Trimerization of Na C2 N3 to Na3 C6 N9 in the solid: Ab initio crystal structure determination of two polymorphs of Na C2 N3 and of Na3 C6 N9 from x-ray powder diffractometry Na3 (C6 N9) P121/N1
1998 Stock, N.; Irran, E.M.; Schnick, W.; Phosphorus oxonitridosodalites - Synthesis using a molecular precursor and structural investigation by x-ray and neutron powder diffraction and 31P MAS NMR spectroscopy Li6.2 H1.8 (P12 N18 O6) Br2 I4-3M
1995 Berger, U.; Schultz-Coulon, V.; Schnick, W.; Ca2 Sr (W N4), das erste gemischte Erdalkalimetall-nitridowolframat Ca2 Sr (W N4) PBCA
1990 Schnick, W.; Luecke, J.; Zur Kenntnis von Lithium-phosphor(V)-nitrid. Reindarstellung und Verfeinerung der Kristallstruktur von Li P N2 Li P N2 I4-2D
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