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2000 Sokolova, E.V.; Kabalov, Yu.K.; McCammon, C.; Schneider, J.; Konev, A.A.; Cation partitioning in an unusual strontian potassic richterite from Siberia: Rietveld structure refinement and Mossbauer spectroscopy (K0.92 Na0.08) (Na1.36 Ca0.36 Sr0.28) Mg3 (Mg1.84 Fe0.16) Si8 O22 (O H)2 C12/M1 Richterite, strontian, potassic
2000 Sokolova, E.V.; Ferraris, G.; Ivaldi, G.; Pautov, L.A.; Khvorov, P.V.; Crystal structure of kapitsaite-(Y), a new borosilicate isotypic with hyalotekite - Crystal chemistry of the related isomorphous series (Ba3.68 K0.12 Pb0.20) (Y Ca0.66 Gd0.34) (Si8 B2 (B1.70 Si0.30) O28 F) I1- Kapitsaite (Y)
2000 Shvanskaya, L.; Leonyuk, L.; Sokolova, E.; Maltsev, V.; The crystal chemistry of superconducting Sr3.66 Bi0.28 Ca6.02 Cu16.45 O28.63 and nonsuperconducting Sr5.97 Ca3.13 Y0.53 Al0.25 Bi0.12 Cu16.66 O28.64 compounds Bi0.12 Al0.26 Y0.534 Ca3.128 Sr5.964 Cu16.537 O28.476 F222
1998 Kabalov, Y.; Sokolova, E.; Discovery of new minerals zlatogorite, turkestanite and belovite-(La) by Rietveld refinement from X-ray powder diffraction data (Sr2.754 Ba0.12 Ca0.06) Na0.98 La (P O4)3 (O H) P3- Belovite (La)
1997 Kabalov, Yu.K.; Oeckler, O.; Sokolova, E.V.; Mironov, A.B.; Chesnokov, B.V.; Subsilicic ferrian aluminian diopside from the Chelyabinsk coal basin (Southern Urals) - an unusual clinopyroxene (Fe0.35 Al0.20 Mg0.44) Ca0.96 (Fe0.08 Si0.70 Al0.20)2 O6.12 C12/C1 Diopside
1993 Sokolova, E.V.; Rybakov, V.B.; Pautov, L.A.; Pushcharovskii, D.Yu.; Structural changes in tsaregorodtsevite C2 Al Si5 O12 I422
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