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2000 Muller, C.; Baudour, J.-L.; Bedoya, C.; Bouree, F.; Soubeyroux, J.L.; Roubin, M.; Octahedral deformations and cation displacements in the ferroelectric PbHf0.8Ti0.2O3: a neutron powder diffraction study from 10 K to 770 K Pb (Hf0.8 Ti0.2) O3 R3MH
2000 Ayres de Campos, J.; Ferreira, L.P.; Mendes, P.J.; Gil, J.M.; Ferreira, I.C.; Bacmann, M.; Soubeyroux, J.L.; Fruchart, D.; Godinho, M.; Ayres de Campos, N.; Study of R Fe9.5 Mo2.5 H (R = Y, Dy, Ho, Er) and R Fe9.5 Mo2.5 N (R= Y, Dy) compounds by Mossbauer spectroscopy, magnetisation and neutron powder diffraction Y Fe9.6 Mo2.4 N0.91 I4/MMM
1999 Soubeyroux, J.L.; Fruchart, D.; Biris, A.S.; Structural studies of Laves phases Zr Co (V1-x Crx) with 0 Zr Co V D3.3 P63/MMC
1994 Olazcuaga, R.; le Flem, G.; Boireau, A.; Soubeyroux, J.L.; The structure of the high temperature forms of Cu(II)0.5 Ti2 (P O4)3 and D0.5 Cu(I)0.5 Zr2 (P O4)3 Cu0.5 Ti2 (P O4)3 R3-H
1993 Boireau, A.; Gravereau, P.; Dance, J.M.; Tressaud, A.; Hagenmuller, P.; Soubeyroux, J.L.; Welsch, M.; Babel, D.; Structural and magnetic properties of several cobalt(II) weberites Na2 Co Al F7 C12/C1
1992 Soubeyroux, J.L.; Reau, J.M.; Wahbi, M.; Senegas, J.; Soo, S.K.; Neutron diffraction investigation of the Ba1-xBixF2-x solid solution (Ba0.6 Bi0.4) F2.4 FM3-M
1992 Pontonnier, L.; Miraglia, S.; Fruchart, D.; Soubeyroux, J.L.; Baudry, A.; Boyer, P.; Structral study of hyperstoichiometric alloys Zr Mn2+x and their hydrides Mn8.91 (Hf0.05 Zr0.95)3.09 D8.5 P63/MMC
1991 Pontonnier, L.; Fruchart, D.; Soubeyroux, J.L.; Triantafillidis, G.; Berthier, Y.; Structural and magnetic behavour of Lu Fe2 Hx Lu Fe2 H2.8 R3-MH
1991 Triantafillidis, G.; Pontonnier, L.; Fruchart, D.; Wolfers, P.; Soubeyroux, J.L.; Effect of hydrogen absorption on the structural properties of the hyperstoichiometric alloys Zr(Mn0.72Fe0.28)2+x (Zr0.642 Mn0.358) (Mn1.18 Fe0.82) D1.539 P63/MMC
1988 Tran Qui, D.; Hamdoune, S.; Soubeyroux, J.L.; Prince, E.; Neutron powder diffraction study of solid solution Li1+x Ti2-x Inx P3 O12 Li1.12 Ti1.88 In0.12 (P O4)3 R3-CH
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