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2003 Xu Sheng; Moritomo, Y.; Ohoyama, K.; Nakamura, A.; Neutron structural analysis of La1-x Srx Mn O3 - variation of one-electron bandwidth W with hole doping (La0.86 Sr0.14) Mn O3 PBN
2003 Belous, A.G.; V'yunov, O.I.; Pashkova, E.V.; Yanchevskii, O.Z.; Tovstolytkin, A.I.; Pogorelyi, A.M.; Effects of chemical composition and sintering temperature on the structure of La1-x Srx Mn O3+d solid solutions (La0.76 Sr0.23) Mn O3.047 R3M
2003 Chi Dam Hieu; Iwasa, Y.; Uehara, K.; Takenobu, T.; Ito, T.; Mitani, T.; Nishibori, E.; Takata, M.; Sakata, M.; Ohishi, Y.; Kato, K.; Kubozono, Y.; Pressure-induced structural phase transition in fullerides doped with rare-earth metals Sm2.78 C70 P1 Fulleride
2002 Fowkes, A.J.; Ibberson, R.M.; Rosseinsky, M.J.; Structural characterization of the redox behavior in copper-exchanged sodium zeolite Y by high-resolution powder neutron diffraction Na62 H2 Al64 Si128 O384 FD3 Zeolite NaY
2002 Margadonna, S.; Prassides, K.; Arvanitidis, I.; Pissas, M.; Papavassiliou, M.; Fitch, A.N.; Crystal structure of the Mg1-x Alx B2 superconductors near x = 0.5 (Mg0.47 Al0.03) Al0.51 B2 P6/
2001 Kuchinke, J.; Lindemann, A.; Koester, C.; Doech, M.; Pruss, T.; Krebs, B.; Li6-x Csx B10 Q18 (Q= S, Se; X<>1): New chalcogenoborates with polymeric layered anion networks Li5.16 Cs0.96 (B10 Se18) I41
2001 Choi, K.-S.; Kanatzidis, M.G.; Unique periodic modulations in the infinite (Tex)(n-) chains of Rb U Sb0.33 Te6 Rb U Sb0.33 Te6 P3
2001 Ospina, I.D.; Palacio, L.A.; Echavarria, A.; Simon, A.; Saldarriaga, C.; A zinc chromate of type PhiY: synthesis and structure ((N H4) (O H))1.46 (Zn (Cr O4))2 R3-
2001 Buhl, J.-C.; Gesing, T.M.; Gurris, C.; Synthesis and crystal structure of rhodanide-enclathrated sodalite Na8 (Al Si O4)6 (S C N)2 Na8 (Al Si O4)6 (S C N)2 P4- Sodalite
2000 Schmid-Beurmann, P.; Synthesis and phase characterization of a solid solution series between beta-(Fe2 (P O4) O) and Fe4 (P O4)3 (O H)3 Fe3.08 (P O4)2.04 O0.31 (O H)1.53 I41
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