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2003 Viciu, L.; Golub, V.O.; Wiley, J.B.; Structural, thermal and magnetic characterization of the manganese oxyhalide layered perovskite, (Mn Cl) La Nb2 O7 (Mn0.97 Cl0.92) La (Nb2 O7) P4/
2001 Kodenkandath, T.A.; Kumbhar, A.S.; Zhou, W.L.; Wiley, J.B.; Construction of copper halide networks within layered perovskites. Synthesis and characterization of new low-temperature copper oxyhalides (Cu Cl) La Ta2 O7 P4/
1997 Suard, E.; Mirebeau, I.; Caignaert, V.; Imbert, P.; Balagurov, A.M.; Influence of a deoxygenation process on the magnetic diagram of iron doped Y Ba2 Cu3 Oy phases: a neutron diffraction study Y Ba2 (Cu0.60 Fe0.40) (Cu1.92 Fe0.08) O6.46 P4/
1997 Schwer, H.; Karpinski, J.; X-ray single crystal structure analysis of the Hg Ba2 Can-1 Cun O2n+2+d (n=1-5) homologous series (Hg0.62 Cu0.15) Ba2 Ca Cu2 O6.15 P4/
1996 Psycharis, V.; Mitros, C.; Koufoudakis, A.; Gamari-Seale, H.; Niarchos, D.; Kalitsounakis, N.; Poulakis, N.; Palles, D.; Liarokapis, E.; Structural study, resistivity, magnetization and Raman measurements for the HTc superconducting compounds Sm Ba2-x Srx Cu3 O6+y (x=0.0,0.25,0.5,0.75,1.0 and 1.25) Sm (Ba0.51 Sr0.49)2 Cu3 O6 P4/
1994 Guillaume, M.; Allenspach, P.; Henggeler, W.; Mesot, J.; Roessli, B.; Staub, U.; Fischer, P.; Furrer, A.; Trunov, V.; A systematic low-temperature neutron diffraction study of the R Ba2 Cu3 Ox (R= yttrium, and rare earths; x= 6 and 7) compounds Tm Ba2 Cu3 O6.10 P4/
1991 Amador, U.; Senaris, M.A.; Moran, E.; Alario-Franco, M.A.; Vegas, A.; Martinez-Ripoll, M.; Ibanez, J.; (CaBaLa)3(Cu3-yMy)O7-x (M=Al, Pt) single crystals (Ca0.49 Ba La1.51) Cu2.80 Pt0.20 O6.48 P4/
1989 Rupp, B.; Poerschke, E.; Meuffels, P.; Fischer, P.; Allenspach, P.; Neutron-diffraction study of Er Ba2 Cu3 Ox in the compositon range 6.1<=x<=7.0 Er Ba2 Cu3 O6.11 P4/
1989 Parise, J.B.; McCarron, E.M.III.; The structure of the 44 K superconductor (Y1-x Cax) Ba2 Cu3 O6+delta (delta <= 0.2) Y Ba2 Cu3 O6 P4/
1987 Katano, S.; Funahashi, S.; Hatano, T.; Matsushita, A.; Nakamura, K.; Matsumoto, T.; Ogawa, K.; Structure of tetragonal Y Ba2 Cu3 O5.8 Y Ba2 Cu3 O5.8 P4/
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