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2002 Toulemonde, P.; Odier, P.; Bordet, P.; Brachet, C.; Suard, E.; Crystal structure of (Hg1-y Pby)2 Ba2 (Y1-x Cax) Cu2 O8-d superconducting compounds by neutron powder diffraction (Hg0.875 Pb0.125)2 Ba2 (Y0.74 Ca0.26) Cu2 O7.98 I4/
1995 Pissas, M.; Kallias, G.; Poulakis, N.; Niarchos, D.; Simopoulos, A.; Liarokapis, E.; Structural, Moessbauer and Raman studies of the (Y, Ce)2 Sr2 Cu2 Fe O8+y compound (Y1.5 Ce0.5) Sr2 Cu2 Fe O8.2 I4/
1995 Radaelli, P.G.; Marezio, M.; Tholence, J.L.; de Brion, S.; Santoro, A.; Huang, Q.; Capponi, J.J.; Chaillout, C.; Krekels, T.; van Tendeloo, G.; Crystal structure of the double-Hg-layer copper oxide superconductor (Hg, Pr)2 Ba2 (Y, Ca) Cu2 O8-d as a function of doping Hg2 Ba2 (Y0.6 Ca0.4) Cu2 O7.76 I4/
1994 Michel, C.; Pelloquin, D.; Hervieu, M.; Raveau, B.; Neutron diffraction study of the nonmodulated 2212-type cuprate Bi1.5Ba2.5LaCu2O8.25 Bi1.5 Ba2.5 La Cu2 O8.24 I4/
1992 Chaplot, S.L.; Atomic positional disorder, phonon spectrum and molecular dynamics simulation of Tl2CaBa2Cu2O8 and Tl2Ca2Ba2Cu3O10 Tl2 Ca Ba2 Cu2 O8 I4/
1989 Rouillon, T.; Retoux, R.; Groult, D.; Michel, C.; Hervieu, M.; Provost, J.; Raveau, B.; Pb Ba Y Sr Cu3 O8: A New Member of the Intergrowth Family (A Cu O3-x)m (A' O)n Pb0.92 Ba0.92 Y1.15 Sr1.15 Cu3 O8 I4/
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