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2003 Liu, G.Y.; Rao, G.-H.; Feng, X.M.; Yang, H.F.; Ouyang, Z.W.; Liu, W.F.; Liang, J.K.; Structural transition and atomic ordering in the non-stoichiometric double perovskite Sr2 Fex Mo2-x O6 Sr2 (Fe0.8 Mo1.2) O6 I4/
2000 Schoen, J.C.; Wevers, M.A.C.; Jansen, M.; Investigation of the possible ternary nitrides in the system (Li3 N)/(Na3 N) Li4 Na2 N2 I4/
1999 Jaenicke-Roessler, U.; Belger, A.; Zahn, G.; Wehner, B.; Paufler, P.; Bitterlich, H.; Structural studies with Tb Ni2 B2 C single crystals and Tbx Y1-x Ni2 B2 C polycrystals Y Ni2 B2 C I4/
1994 Siegrist, T.; Cava, R.J.; Krajewski, J.J.; Peck, W.F.jr.; Crystal chemistry of the series Ln T2 B2 C (Ln = rare earth, T = transition element) Sm Ni2 B2 C I4/
1991 Lux, C.; Wenski, G.; Mewis, A.; Eu2Pt7AlP3 und isotype Verbindungen: eine neue Struktur aus CaBe2Ge2- und Cu3Au-Einheiten Eu2 Pt7 Al P2.95 I4/
1989 Simon, A.; Koehler, J.; Tischtau, R.; Miller, G.; K4 Al2 Nb11 O20 F - "missing link" der Clusterkondensation K4 Al2 Nb11 O20 F I4/
1986 Norby, P.; Christensen, A.N.; Preparation and structure of Al3 Ti Al3 Ti I4/
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