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2004 Rizzoli, C.; Salamakha, P.S.; Sologub, O.L.; Belletti, D.; Goncalves, A.P.; Almeida, M.; X-ray single-crystal investigation of rare earth osmium silicides Ce (Ru0.6 Os0.4)2 Si2 I4/
2001 Welter, R.; Venturini, G.; Malaman, B.; Structural and magnetic properties of the Th2 Cr2 Si2 - type Pr Ni2 Si2, Pr Ni2 Ge2, Nd Ni2 Si2 and Nd Ni2 Ge2 compounds Pr Ni2 Si2 I4/
2000 Schmidt, P.; Rademacher, O.; Oppermann, H.; Daebritz, S.; Untersuchung der Phasenbeziehungen in den quaternaeren Systemen Bi2 O3 / Bi2 Ch'3 / Bi2 Ch''3 (Ch= S, Se, Te) II. Zum System Bi2 O3 / Bi2 Se3 / Bi2 Te3 - die Kristallstruktur von Bi2 O2 (Tex Se1-x) Bi2 O2 Se I4/
2000 Kolenda, M.; Hofmann, M.; Leciejewicz, J.; Penc, B.; Szytula, A.; Neutron diffraction study of incommensurate magnetic order in Tb Os2 Si2 and Ho Os2 Si2 Ho Os2 Si2 I4/
2000 Hofmann, M.; Campbell, S.J.; Szytula, A.; Antiferromagnetism in Yb Mn2 Ge2 - Mn magnetic sublattice Yb Mn2 Ge2 I4/
2000 Streletskii, A.N.; Morozkin, A.V.; Portnoy, V.K.; Berestetskaya, I.V.; Verbetskii, V.N.; Possibilities of the Ce Ni2 Si2 hydrogenation under mechanical treatment Ce Ni2 Si2 H0.02 I4/
1998 Schobinger-Papamantellos, P.; Rodriguez-Carvajal, J.; Buschow, K.H.J.; Magnetic order in the Tb Co6 Ge6 and Tb Co2 Ge2 compounds: a neutron study Tb Co2 Ge2 I4/
1996 Norlidah, M.N.; Venturini, G.; Malaman, B.; Ressouche, E.; A study of the La Mn2-x Cux Ge2 (0 La Mn Cu Ge2 I4/
1996 Wu, E.J.; Pell, M.A.; Ibers, J.A.; Cs Ag0.64 Mn1.18 Te2 Cs (Ag0.64 Mn1.18) Te2 I4/
1996 Hofmann, M.; Campbell, S.J.; Zhao, X.L.; Li, H.-S.; Cywinski, R.; The magnetic structures of Y Mn2 Si2 and La Mn2 Si2 La Mn2 Si2 I4/
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