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2003 Takahashi, J.; Yamane, H.; Hirosaki, N.; Yamamoto, Y.; Suehiro, T.; Kamiyama, T.; Shimada, M.; Crystal structure of La4 Si2 O7 N2 analyzed by the Rietveld method using the time-of-flight neutron powder diffraction data La4 (Si2 O7 N2) P12
2003 Merlino, S.; Perchiazzi, N.; Franco, D.; Brochantite, Cu4 S O4 (O H)6 : OD character, polytypism and crystal structures Cu4 (S O4) (O H)6 P12 Brochantite-2M1
2002 Kaiser, V.; Babel, D.; Ueber Cs2 Zn Cu3 F10 und die Kristallstruktur von Cs7 Cu6 F19 Cs7 Cu6 F19 P12
2001 Platonov, A.N.; Langer, K.; Wildner, M.; Polshin, E.V.; Matsyuk, S.S.; The crystal chemistry of the humite minerals: spectroscopic studiesand structure refinement of an unusual iron-rich clinohumite Mg5.18 Fe3.82 (Si O4)4 F1.21 (O H)0.78 P21 Clinohumite
1997 Helliwell, M.; Smith, J.V.; Brochantite Cu4 (S O4) (O H)6 P12 Brochantite
1996 Hauf, C.; Kniep, R.; Crystal structure of catena-(monoboro-mono-dihydrogendiborate monophosphate), (NH4)2(B3PO7(OH)2) O (N H4)2 (B3 P O7 (O H)2) P12
1995 Blasse, G.; Hamstra, M.A.; Ijdo, D.J.W.; Plaisier, J.R.; Synthesis, structure and luminescence of new Ca3 Sn Si2 O9 Ca3 Sn Si2 O9 P12
1995 Knorr, R.; Mueller, U.; eta-Mo4 O11 und Mg2 Mo3 O8: eine neue Synthese und Verfeinerung ihrer Kristallstrukturen Mo4 O11 P12
1994 Carrozzini, B.; Crystal structure refinements of ilvaite: new relationships between chemical composition and crystallographic parameters Ca1.01 (Fe0.97 Mg0.02) (Fe0.91 Al0.09) (Fe0.90 Mn0.10) (Si O4)2 P12 Ilvaite
1993 Grandin, A.; Chardon, J.; Borel, M.M.; Leclaire, A.; Raveau, B.; A mixed valent vanadium phosphate closely related to BaV2P2O10: AgV2P2O10 Ag (V2 P2 O10) P12
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