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2002 Weil, M.; Preparation and crystal structures of two new modifications of mercury(II) selenite(IV), Hg Se O3, and the mixed-valent mercury(II) selenite(IV) selenide(-II), (Hg Se O3)3 Hg Se Hg (Se O3) P12
2002 Allan, D.R.; Clark, S.J.; Dawson, A.; McGregor, P.; Parsons, S.; Comparison of the high-pressure and low-temperature structures of sulfuric acid H2 (S O4) P12
2001 Lindemann, A.; Kueper, J.; Hamann, W.; Kuchinke, J.; Koester, C.; Krebs, B.; Syntheses, crystal structures, and properties of the three novel perselenoborates Rb B Se3, Cs B Se3 and Tl B Se3 with polymeric chain anions Rb (B Se (Se2)) P12
2000 Wu, M.-M.; Li, X.-L.; Shen, G.-P.; Li, J.; Xu, R.-R.; Proserpio, D.M.; Hydrothermal synnthesis and structural characterization of a novel hydroxo stannate: Sr2 Sn (O H)8 Sr2 Sn (O H)8 P12
1998 Morosov, I.; Troyanov, S.I.; Stiewe, A.; Kemnitz, E.; Synthese und Kristallstruktur von Hydrogenselenaten zweiwertiger Metalle - M (H Se O4)2 (M= Mg, Mn, Zn) und M (H Se O4)2 . (H2 O) (M= Mn, Cd) Mg (H Se O4)2 P12
1998 Chondroudis, K.; Kanatzidis, M.G.; Group 10 and Group 12 one-dimensional selenodiphosphates: A2 M P2 Se6 (A = K, Rb, Cs; M= Pd, Zn, Cd, Hg) Rb2 Cd (P2 Se6) P12
1997 Bialowons, H.; Mueller, B.G.; Synthese und Struktur von M(II) (Au F4)2 mit M(II) = Ni, Pd Ni (Au F4)2 P12
1994 Wiebcke, M.; Emmer, J.; Felsche, J.; Hoebbel, D.; Engelhardt, G.; (TMPA)4 (Si8 O20) * 34 H2O and (DDBO)4 (Si8 O20) * 32 H2O are heteronetwork clathrates with 1,1,4,4-tetramethyl piperazinium (TMPA) and 1,4-dimethyl- 1,4-diazoniabicyclo(2.2.2)octane (DDBO) guest cations (C8 H18 N2)4 (Si8 O20) (H2 O)32 P12 Unnamed_Zeolite
1989 Fourquet, J.L.; Gillet, P.A.; LeBail, A.; Li+ / H+ topotactic exchange on Li Sb O3: The series Li(1-x) Hx Sb O3 (0<=x<=1). Li0.33 H0.67 Sb O3 P12
1974 Kastner, P.; Hoppe, R.; Das erste Oxoberyllat mit Inselstruktur: K4 (Be2 O4) K4 Be2 O4 P11
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