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1998 Chippindale, A.M.; Cowley, A.R.; Bond, A.D.; A new ammonium manganese(II) gallium phosphate hydrate: (N H4) (Mn Ga2 (P O4)3 (H2 O)2) (N H4) (Mn Ga2 (P O4)3 (H2 O)2) C12
1998 Mentre, O.; Dhaussy, A.-C.; Abraham, F.; Steinfink, H.; Structural, infrared, and magnetic characterization of the solid solution series Sr(2-x) Pb(x) (V O)(V O4)2; evidence of the Pb(2+) 6s2 lone pair stereochemical effect (Sr0.67 Pb1.33) (V O) (V O4)2 C12
1998 Brigatti, M.F.; Frigieri, P.; Poppi, L.; Crystal chemistry of Mg-, Fe-bearing muscovites - 2M1 K Al1.65 Fe0.35 Mn0.02 (Al0.7 Si3.3 O10) (O H)1.78 F0.22 C12 Muscovite 2M1, pheng
1992 Leclaire, A.; Chardon, J.; Borel, M.M.; Grandin, A.; Raveau, B.; A new molybdenum(III) phosphate: BaMo2P4O14 isotypic with BaM2P4O14 (M=Ti(III),V(III)) Ba (Mo2 (P2 O7)2) C12
1988 Schmidt, R.; Pausewang, G.; Kristallstruktur von K2 Ti (O2) F4 (H2 O).5. Strukturchemischer Vergleich und spektroskopische Daten der Verbindungen K2 Ti (O2) F4 (H2 O)x (mit x = 1, .5, 0) K4 (Ti2 (O2)2 F8) (H2 O) C12
1987 Guggenheim, S.; Chang, Y.-H.; Koster-van Groos, A.F.; Muscovite dehydroxylation: High-temperature studies K Al2.9 Si3.1 O10 (O H)2 C12 Muscovite 2M1
1986 Rudolf, P.R.; Clearfield, A.; Jorgensen, J.D.; Rietveld refinement results on three nonstoichiometric monoclinic NASICONs Na3.17 Zr1.93 Si1.9 P1.1 O12 C12 Nasicon low
1985 Rudolf, P.R.; Subramanian, M.A.; Clearfield, A.; Jorgensen, J.D.; The crystal structure of a nonstoichiometric Nasicon Na2.88 (Na.32 Zr1.68) Si1.84 P1.16 O11.54 C12 Nasicon low
1966 Takeuchi, Y.; Structures of Brittle Micas Ca Al2 (Al2 Si2) O10 (O H)2 C12 Margarite 2M1
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