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2003 El Ataoui, K.; Doumerc, J.-P.; Ammar, A.; Gravereau, P.; Fournes, L.; Wattiaux, A.; Pouchard, M.; Preparation, structural characterization and Moessbauer study of theCu Fe1-x Vx O2 (0 <= x <= 0.67) delafossite-type solution Cu (Fe0.75 V0.25) O2 R3-
2002 Nagarajan, R.; Uma, S.; Jayaraj, M.K.; Tate, J.; Sleight, A.W.; New Cu M2/3 Sb1/3 O2 and Ag M2/3 Sb1/3 O2 compounds with the delafossite structure Ag (Ni0.695 Sb0.305) O2 R3-
2002 Lu Zhong-Hua; Dahn, J.R.; Structure and electrochemistry of layered Li (Crx Li(1/3-x/3) Mn(2/3-2x/3)) O2 Li (Cr0.5 Li0.167 Mn0.333) O2 R3-
2001 Bianchi, V.; Caurant, D.; Baffier, N.; Belhomme, C.; Chappel, E.; Chouteau, G.; Bach, S.; Pereira-Ramos, J.P.; Sulpice, A.; Wilmann, P.; Synthesis, structural characterization and magnetic properties of quasistoichiometric Li Ni O2 (Li0.993 Ni0.007) Ni O2 R3-
2000 Akimoto, J.; Gotoh, Y.; Single crystal growth, structure and physical property of Li Co O2 and Li Ni O2 (Li0.744 Ni0.256) (Li0.18 Ni0.82) O2 R3-
2000 Shin, Y.-J.; Yi, M.-Y.; Preparation and structural properties of layer-type oxides Nax Nix/2 Ti1-x/2 O2 (0.60 < x < 1.0) Na0.9 (Ni0.45 Ti0.55) O2 R3-
1999 Masuda, H.; Fujino, T.; Sato, N.; Yamada, K.; Wakeshima, M.; Synthesis and crystal structure of alkali metal uranium sulfides, Li2 U S3 and Na2 U S3 Na1.333 U0.667 S2 R3-
1995 Hirano, A.; Kanno, R.; Kawamoto, Y.; Takeda, Y.; Yamaura, K.; Takano, M.; Ohyama, K.; Ohashi, M.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Relationship between non-stoichiometry and physical properties in Li Ni O2 (Li0.85 Ni0.05) (Ni O2) R3-
1993 Schleid, T.; Lissner, F.; Single crystals of NaMS2(M=Ho-Lu) from reactions of the lanthanides with sulfur in the presence of NaCl Na Tm S2 R3-
1993 Bronger, W.; Brueggemann, W.; von der Ahe, M.; Schmitz, D.; Zur Synthese und Struktur ternaerer Chalcogenide der seltenen Erden ALnX2 mit A=Alkalimetall und X=Schwefel, Selen oder Tellur Cs Pr S2 R3-
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