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2002 Chen, X.; Fukuoka, H.; Yamanaka, S.; High-pressure synthesis and crystal structure of beta-MNX (M = Zr, Hf; X = Br, I) Hf N I R3-
1999 Fuertes, A.; Vlassov, M.; Beltran-Porter, D.; Alemany, P.; Canadell, E.; Casan-Pastor, N.; Palacin, M.R.; Crystal structure of the host lattices of the superconductors Lix M N X (M = Zr, Hf; X = Cl, Br) Hf N Cl R3-
1999 Putz, H.; Schoen, J.C.; Jansen, M.; Structure prediction for crystalline Ca3 Si Br2 using an environment dependent potential Ca3 Si Br2 R3-
1997 Marx, R.; Preparation and crystal structure of lithium nitride chloride Li4 N Cl Li4 N Cl R3-
1993 Ruck, M.; Simon, A.; Gd2IFe2 und Y2Br2Fe2+x: Uebergaenge zwischen Clusterverbindungen und intermetallischen Phasen Y2 Fe2.23 Br2 R3-
1989 Cockcroft, J.K.; Bauhofer, W.; Mattausch, H.-J.; Simon, A.; Electrical Resistivity and Magnetic Ordering of Gadolinium and Terbium Bromide Deuterides, Ln Br Dx (2/3 Tb Br D0.88 R3-
1988 Fuketa, T.; Akaishi, J.; Futamura, Y.; Ikawa, K.; Kawamura, H.; Makuuchi, K.; Shikazono, N.; Tachikawa, E.; Yamamoto, A.; Study on the solid state chemistry of ternary uranium oxides Cd (U O4) R3-
1986 Beck, H.P.; Strobel, C.; Zur Hochdruckpolymorphie der Seltenerdsulfidiodide Ln S I Sm S I R3-
1986 Bouwmeester, H.J.M.; The thermodynamic and kinetic properties of silver intercalated niobium disulfide Ag0.25 Nb S2 R3-
1968 Juza, R.; Sievers, R.; Nitridhalogenide des Thoriums Th N F R3-
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