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2003 Sikolenko, V.V.; Pomjakushina, E.V.; Istomin, S.Ya.; Neutron diffraction studies of La1-x Srx Co O3 magnetic structure at x = 0.15 and 0.3 (La0.85 Sr0.15) Co O3 R3-
2003 Shivakumara, C.; Hegde, M.S.; Prakash, A.S.; Khadar, A.M.A.; Subbanna, G.N.; Lalla, N.P.; Low temperature synthesis, structure and properties of alkali-dopedLa2 Ni O4, La Ni O3 and La Ni0.85 Cu0.15 O3 from alkali hydroxide fluxes (La0.97 K0.03) (Ni O3) R3-
2002 El-Fadli, Z.; Metni, M.R.; Sapina, F.; Martinez, E.; Folgado, J.-V.; Beltran, A.; Electronic properties of mixed-valence manganates: the role of Mn substitutional defects (La0.73 Sr0.27) (Mn0.90 Co0.1) O3 R3-
2002 Paiva-Santos, C.O.; Marques, R.F.C.; Jafelicci, M.jr.; Varanda, L.C.; X-ray powder data and bond valence of La0.65 Sr0.35 Mn O3 after Rietveld refinement (La0.64 Sr0.36) (Mn O3) R3-
2002 Li, G.; Uesu, Y.; Kohn, K.; Structural characterization of the complex perovskites Ba(1-x) La(x) Ti(1-x) Cr(x) O3 (Ba0.16 La0.84) (Ti0.16 Cr0.84) O3 R3-
2001 Rodriguez, E.; Alvarez, I.; Lopez, M.L.; Veiga, M.L.; Pico, C.; Martinez, J.L.; Structural characterization and physical properties of La Ni1-x MoxO3 (0.05 <= x <= 0.20) La (Ni0.95 Mo0.05) O3 R3-
2000 Howard, C.J.; Kennedy, B.J.; Chakoumakos, B.C.; Neutron powder diffraction study of rhombohedral rare-earth aluminates and the rhombohedral to cubic phase transition La (Al O3) R3-
2000 Gutierrez, J.; Pena, A.; Barandiaran, J.M.; Pizarro, J.L.; Lezama, L.; Insausti, M.; Rojo, T.; Structural, magnetic and magnetotransport properties of La0.7 Pb0.3Mn0.9 TM0.1 O3 (TM = Fe, Co, Ni) CMR perovskites (La0.7 Pb0.3) (Mn0.9 Ni0.1) O3 R3-
2000 Brinks, H.W.; Fjellvag, H.; Kjekshus, A.; Hauback, B.C.; Structure and magnetism of Pr1-x Srx Fe O3-d (Pr Sr2) Fe3 O8.83 R3-
2000 Sanchez, R.D.; Causa, M.T.; Seoane, A.; Rivas, J.; Rivadulla, F.; Lopez-Quintela, M.A.; Perez Cacho, J.J.; Blasco, J.; Garcia, J.; Metal-insulator transition and magnetic properties of La1-x Eux Ni O3 (0 (La0.8 Eu0.2) (Ni O3) R3-
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