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2004 Fedyna, L.O.; Bodak, O.I.; Tokaychuk, Ya.O.; Fedyna, M.F.; Mokra, I.R.; Ternary system Tm - Cu- Ge: isothermal section of the phase diagram at 870 K and crystal structures of the compounds Tm (Cu1.24 Ge0.76) P63
2003 Bazela, W.; Wawrzynska, E.; Penc, B.; Stuesser, N.; Szytula, A.; Zygmunt, A.; Magnetic structures of R2 Rh Si3 (R = Ho, Er) compounds Ho2 Rh Si3 P63
1996 Bem, D.S.; Lampe-Oennerud, C.M.; Olsen, H.P.; zur Loye, H.-C.; Synthesis and structure of two new ternary nitrides: Fe W N2 and Mn Mo N2 Fe W N2 P63
1993 Chen, B.-H.; Eichhorn, B.W.; Peng, J.-L.; Greene, R.L.; Superconductivity in the AxNbS2 intercalation compounds (A=Cs,Rb) Cs0.34 Nb S2 P63
1992 Bazela, W.; Leciejewicz, J.; Maletka, K.; Szytula, A.; Magnetic structure of Tb Ag Sn and Ho Ag Sn Ag Ho Sn P63
1980 Marazza, R.; Rossi, D.; Ferro, R.; Ca In2-type and Mg Ag As-type RE Sb Pd compounds (RE = rare earth element) Ce (Pd Sb) P63
1971 van Laar, B.; Rietveld, H.M.; Ijdo, D.J.W.; Magnetic and crystallographic structure of Mex Nb S2 and Mex Ta S2 Mn0.25 Nb S2 P63
1970 Voorhoeve, J.M.; van den Berg, N.; Robbins, M.; Intercalation of the niobium-diselinide layer structure by first-row transition metals Cr Nb4 Se8 P63
1963 Troitskaya, N.V.; Pinsker, Z.G.; Electron diffraction study of a superstructural molybdenum nitride Mo0.82 N P63
1957 Larson, A.C.; Cromer, D.T.; Stambaugh, C.K.; The crystal structure of Pu Al3 Al3 Pu P63
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