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1998 Zeng, L.; Yan, J.; Ou, X.; He, W.; Zhuang, Y.; X-ray Rietveld structure refinement of Er Ni Sb Er Ni Sb F4-
1997 Ruf, C.; Lork, E.; Behrens, U.; Mews, R.; Rheniumpentacarbonylthiazylhalogenid-Komplexe (Re (C O)5 (N S X)) As F6: Strukturen und Bildungsverhaeltnisse (Re (C O)5 (N S Br)) (As F6) F4-
1997 Rabadanov, M.Kh.; Loshmanov, A.A.; Shaldin, Yu.V.; Anharmonic thermal vibrations of atoms in crystals with sphalerite structure - Ga P, Zn S, Zn Se, and Zn Te: High-temperature X-ray studies Ga P F4-
1996 Karch, K.; Portisch, G.; Bechstedt, F.; Pavone, P.; Strauch, D.; Ab initio calculation of structural and dynamical properties of Al N Al N F4-
1995 Rabadanov, M.Kh.; Anharmonic temperature factors and charge density in Zn S Zn S F4- Sphalerite
1992 Yeh, C.; Lu, Z.W.; Froyen, S.; Zunger, A.; Zinc-blende-Wurtzite polytypism in semiconductors Ga P F4-
1991 Partin, D.L.; Heremans, J.; Morelli, D.T.; Thrush, C.M.; The role of rare earths in narrow energy gap semiconductors (Eu0.05 In0.95) Sb F4-
1989 Sang Park, K.; Syck Jun, S.; Kim, S.-U.; Jang Park, M.; A study on the crystal structure of Hg1-x Cdx Te Cd Hg Te2 F4-
1989 Wu, P.; Kershaw, R.; Dwight, K.; Wold, A.; Growth and characterization of nickel-doped Zn S single crystals Ni Zn F4-
1977 Jayaraman, A.; Dernier, P.D.; Kasper, H.M.; Maines, R.G.; Pressure-induced phase transformations in som I-II-IV2 semiconductors Ag Ga Se2 F4-
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