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2001 Henderson, C.M.B.; Redfern, S.A.T.; Smith, R.I.; Knight, K.S.; Charnock, J.M.; Composition and temperature dependence of cation ordering in Ni-Mg olivine solid solutions: a time-of-flight neutron powder diffraction and EXAFS study (Ni0.336 Mg0.664) (Ni0.064 Mg0.936) (Si O4) PBN Unnamed_Olivine
2000 Narducci, A.A.; Yang, Y.-T.; Digman, M.A.; Sipes, A.B.; Ibers, J.A.; An investigation of the rare-earth telluride system Ba Ln2 Te4 (Ln = Sm - Tm, Y): syntheses, crystal structures and magnetic properties Ba Tb2 Te4 PNM
2000 Xu, Y.; Carlson, S.; Soederberg, K.; Norrestam, R.; High-pressure studies of Cs2 Cu Cl4 and Cs2 Co Cl4 by X-ray diffraction methods Cs2 (Cu Cl4) PNM
1999 Yamazaki, S.; Toraya, H.; Rietveld refinement of site-occupancy parameters of Mg2-x Mnx Si O4 using a new weight function in least-squares fitting Mg2 (Si O4) PNM
1998 Gover, R.K.B.; Irvine, J.T.S.; A new solid solution series linking Li Ti2 O4 and Li2 Ti3 O7 ramsdellites: a combined x-ray and neutron study Li1.084 Ti1.886 O4 PBN
1998 Aleksovska, S.; Nyborg, S.C.; Pejov, L.; Petrusevski, V.M.; beta.K2 S O4-type isomorphs: Prediction of structures and refinement of Rb2 Cr O4 Rb2 (Fe O4) PNM
1997 Parisi, F.; Bonadeo, H.; Application of the high-symmetry superspace-group description to the refinement of the lock-in structure of Rb2 Zn Cl4 Rb2 (Zn Cl4) PMC
1997 Wentzcovitch, R.M.; Stixrude, L.; Crystal chemistry of forsterite: A first-principles study Mg2 (Si O4) PBN Forsterite
1995 Utzolino, A.; Bluhm, K.; Zur Synthese und Kristallstruktur von manganhaltigen Boratoxiden: Mn Fe (B O3) O und Mn Al0.5 Y0.5 (B O3) O Fe Mn (B O3) O PNM
1990 della Giusta, A.; Ottonello, G.; Secco, L.; Precision estimates of interatomic distances using site occupancies, ionization potentials and polarizability in Pbnm silicate olivines Ni2 (Si O4) PBN Liebenbergite
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