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2002 Mi, J.-X.; Zhang, H.; Deng, J.-F.; Mao, S.-Y.; Zhao, J.-T.; Crystal structure of rubidium tetrachlorogallate, Rb Ga Cl4 Rb (Ga Cl4) PNM
2002 Meier, S.F.; Schleid, T.; Synthese und Kristallstruktur des Holmium(III)-chlorid- oxotellurats(IV) Ho Cl Te O3 Ho Cl (Te O3) PNM
2001 Mao, J.-G.; Xu, Z.-H.; Guloy, A.M.; Synthesis and crystal structure of Ae2 Li In Ge2 (Ae = Ca, Sr): new Zintl phases with a layered silicate-like network Sr2 Li (In Ge2) PNM
1999 Hasselgren, C.; Jagner, S.; Dirubidium catena-poly(dichloroargentate(I)-mue-chloro) Rb2 (Ag Cl3) PNM
1998 Peltier, V.; Deniard, P.; Brec, R.; Marchand, R.; Synthese et structure d'une nouvelle variete de phosphate d'indium: In P O4 - beta In (P O4) PNM
1998 Alonso, J.A.; Antimony(III) tellurium(IV) chloride trioxide Sb Te O3 Cl: synthesis and ab initio structure determination from X-ray and neutron powder diffraction data Sb Te Cl O3 PNM
1997 Brigatti, M.F.; Galli, E.; Medici, L.; Ba-rich celestine: new data and crystal structure refinement (Sr0.87 Ba0.13) (S O4) PNM Celestine
1996 Johrendt, D.; Mewis, A.; Drescher, K.; Wasser, S.; Michels, G.; Y2 Al Ge3 - eine supraleitende metallische Zintl-Verbindung Y2 Al Ge3 PNM
1993 Roegner, P.; Range, K.-J.; The crystal structure of beta-CsReO4, the room-temperature modification of caesium perrhenate Cs (Re O4) PNM
1991 Tarasov, V.P.; Kirakosyan, G.A.; German, K.E.; Grigor'ev, M.S.; Anomal temperature dependence of KKC 99Tc and caesium ions disorder in CsTcO4 lattice Cs Tc O4 PNM
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