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2002 Noren, L.; Tan, E.S.Q.; Withers, R.L.; Sterns, M.; Rundlof, H.; A neutron, X-ray and electron diffraction study of the structures of Pb3 O2 X2 (X = Cl, Br) Pb3 O2 Br2 PNM
2001 El Khayati, N.; Cherkaoui El Moursli, R.; Rodriguez-Carvajal, J.; Andre, G.; Blanchard, N.; Bouree, F.; Collin, G.; Roisnel, T.; Crystal and magnetic structures of the oxyphosphates M Fe P O5 (M = Fe, Co, Ni, Cu). Analysis of the magnetic ground state in terms ofsuperexchange interactions Cu Fe (P O4) O PNM
2000 Xu, Y.; Carlson, S.; Soederberg, K.; Norrestam, R.; High-pressure studies of Cs2 Cu Cl4 and Cs2 Co Cl4 by X-ray diffraction methods Cs2 (Cu Cl4) PNM
1997 Parisi, F.; Bonadeo, H.; Application of the high-symmetry superspace-group description to the refinement of the lock-in structure of Rb2 Zn Cl4 Rb2 (Zn Cl4) PMC
1995 Carrillo-Cabrera, W.; Peters, K.; von Schnering, H.G.; Menzel, F.; Brockner, W.; Crystal structure and vibrational spectrum of thallium(I) europium(II) tetrathiophosphate(V), Tl Eu (P S4) Tl Eu (P S4) PNM
1991 Tarasov, V.P.; Kirakosyan, G.A.; German, K.E.; Grigor'ev, M.S.; Anomal temperature dependence of KKC 99Tc and caesium ions disorder in CsTcO4 lattice Cs Tc O4 PNM
1990 Puget, R.; Jannin, M.; Perret, R.; Godefroy, L.; Godefroy, G.; Crystallographic study of a family of Cs2 B X4 compounds Cs2 Zn Br4 PNM
1985 Belokoneva, E.L.; Mill', B.V.; Butashin, A.V.; The crystal structure of Li Nb Ge O5, in comparison with the structures of maricite Na (Fe, Zn) P O4 and sillimanite Al2 Si O5 Li Nb (Ge O5) PBN
1985 Kramer, V.; Post, E.; Preparation and Structural Characterization of the Lead Oxide Iodide Pb3 O2 I2 Pb3 O2 I2 PNM
1983 Linde, S.A.; Mikhailova, A.Ya.; Pakhomov, V.I.; Kirilenko, V.V.; Shulga, V.G.; The study of the crystal structure of Cs2 Hg Cl4 Cs2 (Hg Cl4) PMN
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