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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2004 Fu, W.T.; Visser, D.; Knight, K.S.; Ijdo, D.J.W.; Temperature-induced phase transitions in Ba Tb O3 Ba (Tb O3) IBM
2001 Battle, P.D.; Coldea, A.I.; Jordan, N.A.; Rosseinsky, M.J.; Singleton, J.; Synthesis, structural chemistry and magnetic properties of La1+x A1-x In Mn O6-d: A = Ba, Sr; x = 0, 0.2 (La1.2 Ba0.8) In Mn O6 IMM
2000 Pagnier, T.; Charrier-Cougoulic, I.; Ritter, C.; Lucazeau, G.; A neutron diffraction study of Ba Cex Zr1-x O3 Ba ((Ce0.8 Zr0.2) O3) IMM
1997 Radaelli, P.G.; Iannone, G.; Marezio, M.; Hwang, H.Y.; Cheong, S.-W.; Jorgensen, J.D.; Argyriou, D.N.; Structural effects on the magnetic and transport properties of perovskite A1-x A'x Mn O3 (x=0.25; 0.30) (La0.7 Ba0.3) (Mn O3) IMM
1992 Marx, D.T.; Radaelli, P.G.; Jorgensen, J.D.; Hitterman, R.L.; Hinks, D.G.; Pei, S.; Dabrowski, B.; Metastable behavior of the superconducting phase in the BaBi1-xPbxO3 system Ba (Bi0.2 Pb0.8) O3 IBM
1991 Verwerft, M.; van Tendeloo, G.; Hinks, D.G.; Dabrowski, B.; Mitchell, A.W.; Marx, D.T.; Pei, S.; Jorgensen, J.D.; Incommensurate modulation in the high-Tc superconductor Ba1-xKxBiO3 and its relation to the conducting properties Ba0.8 K0.2 Bi O3 IBM
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